Aussie Solar  is a well-established company that provides installing wind and solar power equipment systems all over Australia. The products offered by Aussie Solar range from small pumping arrays to large grid connect systems.

Aussie Solar employs qualified electrical and plumbing contractors, who have full BCSE accreditation, along with over 15 years experience in implementing such solutions, thereby ensuring that the customer is guaranteed the right solution that is in line with his or her requirements.

Aussie Solar are suppliers of wind and solar power equipment including wind turbines, solar regulators, deep cycle batteries, power inverters and technical information to clients needing them. Aussie Solar is known for offering quality service, advice and competitive prices for its products and services.

Aussie Solar has the Australian distributorship for Enertech Solar-E monocrystaline panels. These solar panels come with IEC certification. The build quality of these solar panels and the service that they offer is comparable to any top names in the solar panels manufacturing industry. There are two types of solar panels available. One is a one hundred and fifty watt panel and the second is a one hundred and seventy watt panel.