Aussie Solar  has been successfully implementing hybrid renewable energy systems in the Australian market for a number of years. A hybrid renewable energy system uses two or more energy production sources, usually solar energy and wind power. The major advantage of a hybrid system is that, when solar and wind power production is used in conjunction, the reliability of the system is greatly enhanced.

In a normal alternative energy solution large size batteries are required, but using a hybrid system from Aussie Solar, the size of battery storage can be reduced as there is less reliance on a single method of power production. It is often seen, when there is no sun, there is a lot of wind it is in these situations that hybrid systems come of immense use.

The hybrid systems from Aussie Solar make use of industry leading, high quality components to ensure reliable performance and long life. These systems are ideally suited for remote homes, schools and other off-grid locations. Aussie Solar manufactures standard hybrid systems, as well as a tailor made system to suit customer’s requirement.

Aussie Solar also supplies two solar hot water systems under the brands Chromagen and Hills Solar the use of these solar hot water systems will enable a customer to get substantial state as well as federal government rebates.

Aussie Solar also offers Lorentz Helical Rotor and Centrifugal submersible pumps which are designed specifically for battery and solar operation. Upon installing these solar powered pumps customers are assured of high reliability and long life expectancy, along with cost-efficient pumping.