Aussie Solar  has been providing solar and wind power solutions to customers all over Australia. Aussie Solar has set up an extensive solar installer network, in many parts of eastern Australia. Using grid-interactive inverters, solar panels on the roofs of customers can feed power back into the electricity grid.

The power that is fed back into the grid is metered, just like the power that is consumed by the consumer. Through agreement with the local supply authority, the retailer will pay the consumer for the excess power that the consumer has fed back into the system. Not only do the products of Aussie Solar provide financial benefits to the end users but these products also benefit the community through reduced greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

The package that a consumer will get from Aussie Solar includes Mono crystalline panels, Grid connect inverter, Powder coated weather proof enclosure for the inverter, roof mount frames, circuit, Breakers cabling and the required meter changes. All this will be accompanied with complete installation. Subsequent service will be provided by Aussie Solar in case the customer requires it. The entire process of migrating to solar power is a four step process and normally takes four to six weeks, provided all the steps happen without any glitches.