There is a wide range of chairs offered from Aussie Office Furniture . These chairs are imported and available in black colour. There are 13 different office chair models available and these include four types of clerical, two types of training and conference chairs, four of executive types and three of deluxe leather chairs.

Some of the brand names of clerical chairs include Storm, Starr, Optima and Optima an all of them come with armrests.The features of Clerical chair Storm include easy to touch seat adjustment, provided with back rest, seat tilt locks with back adjustments, stylish nylon base. These chairs are is 480 millimetres wide, have a depth of 500 millimetres and a height of 1020 millimetres.

Clerical chair Starr also has similar features but its width is 600 millimetres, the depth is 500 millimetres and the height is 900-1020 millimetres. These chairs are provided with armrests.
Optima clerical chairs has a three lever action and are available with and without armrests.

Training and conference chairs are available as Emma and Stella. The similar features of both the chairs include black frame, a seat and back for comfort and support ideally used in seminars, meetings, receptions, etc.

Deluxe series of chairs from Aussie Office Furniture are comfortable, have a stylish look and are made from synchronised mechanism. The base of each chair is made from chrome five star base and boardroom backs.