Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for staff to store personal property and clothing when on shift, with a locker system the most popular personal storage solution in Australian workplaces.

As Australian business becomes increasingly dependent upon shift workers to meet the demands of globalisation and our 24-hour society, the locker takes on even greater importance for staff. Workplaces with multiple shifts over a 24-hour period including casinos, hospitals, airports, restaurants and the mining industry are especially dependent on a quality locker system to keep staff morale high.

A clean and secure locker system provides staff with confidence that their belongings are safe for the duration of their shift, improving morale and allowing them to focus solely on their job.

However, if something goes missing from an employee’s locker it can greatly damage staff morale, cause headaches for the employer, and impact the overall work environment.

Thankfully for both employers and staff, advances in technology are making it easier for workplaces to realise a truly safe and secure locker system.

E-lockers have become a popular choice to address the needs of the modern workplace.

E-lockers are extremely safe and secure, with the use of smart software to help ensure easy access and peace of mind for staff.

E-lockers can be issued to individual staff or access can be random depending on clients’ requirements, and are ideal for the servicing of shift workers by three different shifts to use the same locker over a 24-hour period, saving space and money.

Online access to the system in real time allows for onsite monitoring to increase security further and keep track of usage to improve efficiency of the system. Having the locker system online also means software upgrades can be done remotely, meaning the system will be as relevant in 20 years as it is today.

E-lockers allow staff to access a locker using their current staff security card or RFID card, further simplifying use and improving tracking.


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