Aussie Lockers Pty Ltd explains why a revenue share model is the best option when specifying a locker system for public venues.

Locker systems are considered a necessary convenience at public facilities for the storage of personal things with clients viewing the locker as a clean, safe and easy to use amenity. For vendors, however, traditional locker systems are an additional drain on revenue and resources from ongoing servicing and maintenance.

Typically, the budget dictates the type, quality and style of locker system specified at any public facility. However, a revenue share system allows facility owners and operators to install a state-of-the-art locker solution without the massive initial investment, while also bringing them substantial financial as well as operational returns.

4 reasons why revenue share locker systems are becoming a popular choice:

No capital investment

A quality locker system can involve a significant investment, especially when factors such as the size of the venue and the quantity of lockers required come into play. A revenue share agreement with a locker provider means the vendor does not have to worry about the cost of the lockers or the installation.

Additional revenue stream

Revenue share locker systems create an ongoing revenue stream for venues with both casual visitors and members. Venues such as theme parks, airports, shopping centres and casinos are likely to attract a greater number of casual visitors who can access the lockers using coins, notes or credit cards. Gyms, sports centres, universities and similar venues with membership-based entry can control access to lockers using membership cards with the cost also factored into the membership fees.

Less hassle

In a revenue share arrangement, vendors or operators of public facilities do not have to worry about servicing or repairing damaged lockers as regular servicing including wireless online access to the system, troubleshooting and damage repair are included as part of the agreement. With no ongoing operational costs, the venue will be able to provide a better locker service with less hassle.

Space saving

The use of lockers is programmed for about 2-3 hours for members, with casual visitors paying by the hour to use the convenience. Since the lockers are optimally used, there is no need to install more units, reducing the amount of space required to house them. Innovations such as allowing the user to vacate the locker before expiry of hire so that it can be utilised again by another user, have been introduced to further optimise the use of the lockers. has been providing revenue share options for locker installations worldwide for 13 years.

Aussie Lockers helps simplify the process of specifying a locker solution, providing consultation and design advice to deliver the right solution for the application. With ongoing 24/7 service and support to vendors, Aussie Lockers can guarantee a successful revenue share locker solution.


“The Club Group operates 16 health clubs, aquatic facilities and swim schools around Canberra and regional NSW. We first installed the keyless electronic locker system from in January 2004 into the Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre (CISAC) and have continued to install the lockers into subsequent clubs and facilities.

“Known as the Aussie locker system, this keyless electronic locker system has been of major benefit to all of our health clubs and leisure centres. No outlay for lockers, immediate revenue and free ongoing maintenance (even remotely via internet access) are the main attractions of this system. Allowing access to our members via their membership card and casuals via coin payment option allows us to cater for all patrons wishing to use the lockers.

“We use both the timber and metal versions in different environments and this has created the ambience in the health clubs we required, with the practicability of metal lockers for the pool deck.

“During the 11 years since our first installation the ongoing servicing and upgrading of the system as technology progressed has been completed in a professional manner and with minimum of downtime. The always available after-hours technical support and assistance is also a key driver to enjoying the use of the product.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve Butler, Richard Yan and the rest of the team and their product; it is second to none.”

Harry Konstantinou, Managing Director, The Club Group