Aussie House Designs  offers working and preliminary plans which can be purchased by online mode. The plans offered from Aussie House Designs include residential designs, offers plans that fits the site provided, saves time and money. Aussie House Designs are built according to Australian conditions.

Aussie House Designs provides two sets of plans for each type of house. Such plans offered are preliminary plans and working drawings.

Preliminary plans from Aussie House Designs include elevated front portion, floor plan with indicative room sizes and dimensions of the building, a rendered indicative perspective from streets and an acetate paper is used to print the acetate plan of the site chosen.

Preliminary plans are used for getting updated quotes from contractors and builders, for checking the type of house fits on particular site choosed and for locating the building on the site planned by the local surveyor.

Working plans from Aussie House Designs include elevations, roof plans, foundation plans, reflected ceiling plan, doors and windows. Working plans can be utilised by contractors in building houses, by engineers in supplying details regarding foundations.

Other works carried out by Aussie House Designs include family homes, project homes and duplex's which include one and two storey buildings.