Aussie Home Inventories  specialises in offering wide range of products to protect the properties from an event including smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Smoke alarms from Aussie Home Inventories are required in every house to provide safety in case of emergency. These smoke alarms also respond quickly to fires with little smoke and fast flames and these are battery operated. These smoke alarms from Aussie Home Inventories perform the task of detecting invisible combustion particles that are similar to those in cooking.

Aussie Home Inventories offers first aid kits that are suitable for homes, workshops, offices and various other places. Fire extinguishers from Aussie Home Inventories are ideal for homes and it is known as ‘Dry Chemical’ fire extinguisher. The ‘Dry Chemical’ fire extinguisher can handle all types of fire such as combustible liquids, electrical fires and combustible solids. ‘Dry Chemical’ fire extinguishers easily cover the fire using an inert powder and these fire extinguishers are ideal for workshops or kitchens.

Fire blankets from Aussie Home Inventories are considered as a back up for fire extinguisher. The fire blankets provided by Aussie Home Inventories are fire resistant and curb the fire conveniently by starving it of oxygen. These fire blankets are primarily used to distinguish bodily fires and chip pan fires.