Fire safe document chest, UV marker pen and light are offered by Aussie Home Inventories . Fire safe document chests provided by Aussie Home Inventories are high in demand. These fire safe document chests are efficient and they are provided with a flat or tubular key lock for privacy.

Fire safe document chests are provided with convenient carry handles. They can also accommodate A4 documents comfortably. Aussie Home Inventories also provides multi-position drawers and shelves with these document chests. Some of them weigh around 6.3 kilograms whereas others have a weight of 7.7 kilograms.

UV marker pen and light from Aussie Home Inventories is encouraged to use by insurance companies and authorities to mark the contents with a driver licence number. The marker pen, by Aussie Home Inventories, is extensively used by the police department when examining the stolen goods.

Criminals can be deterred and stolen goods might be returned, if content’s driver licence number is tagged with a UV Marker Pen, which is available from Aussie Home Inventories. UV marker pen and light protects valuables from thieves, identifies valuables from the burglars quickly and easily. It prevents crime. ID tagging service is offered by Aussie Home Inventories.