Aussie Claus  offers christmas products which include christmas lights, flexilight ropelights, commercial lights, decoratives, fresh and artificial trees, christmas gifts, illuminated motifs, blow moulds, etc. All Aussie Claus products are available online too.

The products availabvle from Aussie Claus cab can be catogerised into three major groups such as flexilight, wholesale and commercial products.

Flexilights from Aussie Claus are decorative ropelights made from series of mini bulbs embedded in a PVC tube. These lights can be bent into any shape and can be cut at regular intervals when required. Flexilight emits range of effects when connected to a controller. Such effects include flashing, colour changing and chasing.

Flexilight is made from three layers namely the first layer is the core, then the middle layer followed by outer layer on top. Flexilight utilises extra long PVC sleeves, mechanical soldering and nickel plating to complete the construction. Flexilight ropelight models include flashing models, instant flexilight, super-brite instant flexilight, flashing square models, bi- chameleon models etc. Flexilight also offers a wide range of controllers required for indoor and outdoor purposes producing range of lighting effects.