The wholesale products from Aussie Claus include commercial hanging decorations, illuminated blow moulds, lighting clips and food grade storage containers.

Commercial hanging decorations are made from durable plastic material with specific size and weight ensuring maximum safety when elevated in high air areas. Aussie Claus commercial hanging decorations are painted with enamel paint and are baked at high temperatures to provide hard exterior surface with good durability. Decorations currently available include conicals, christmas bows and baubles.

Aussie Claus lighting clips are used to hold the lights in place providing proper grip and prevents the light blowing away from wind.

Illuminated blow moulds, Christmas kangaroo is considered to be one such icon made from durable PVC tubes. It has hand painted features and stands 48 inches high. 8 Point Northern star is another illuminated material.

Aussie Claus also offers plastic storage containers in wholesale. This 100 per cent food grade containers are safe for storing foods and are available in 23 and 65 litre sizes.