Aussie Claus  specialises in offering range of decorative rope lights and lighting accessories for interior and exterior applications. Various other products from Aussie Claus include flexilight rope lights, lighting clips, artificial trees, illuminated motifs and blow moulds. These lights and lighting accessories from Aussie Claus are creative and decorative.

Aussie Claus offers products in three groups namely, commercial, flexi and wholesale. Flexilight ropelight models include flashing models, instant flexilight, super-brite instant flexilight, flashing square models, bi- chameleon models etc. Flexilight also offers a wide range of controllers required for indoor and outdoor purposes producing range of lighting effects.

Aussie Claus provides commercial hanging decorative products that are creative and are made from durable plastic materials. The lighting clips from Aussie Claus are used to hold the lights in place providing proper grip and prevents the light blowing away from wind. Aussie Claus also offers plastic storage containers in wholesale at various sizes and shapes. Conicals, Christmas bows and baubles are the decorative that are available currently at Aussie Claus.