The wide range of loans offered from Aussie Best Loans include home and finance loans, credit loans, personal and construction loans. Home loans from Aussie Best Loans include home and mortage loans, home loan documentation and advices provided by mortage brokers. There are different types of home loans offered in Australian market with difference in rate of interest, fees and features.

The different types of home loans provided by Aussie Best Loans include ones with standard variable interest rates, fixed interest rate, basic variable interest rate, low documentation loans, home enquiry loans, split rate and ‘all in one’ loans.

Standard variable rate loans are offered with better features and increased flexibility with a split or fix option. Basic variable rate loans are offered at low rate of interest with decreased features with an option of paying for additional features and flexibility when required.

Aussie Best Loans, combination or split rate loans are combined with different rates and the customer is benefited when there is drop in rate of interest and protected when there is an increase. Home enquiry loans helps in revealing justice to the existing property for other openings like share investments, funds, renovation of homes, etc.

The fixed rate loans offered by Aussie Best Loans give protection against the change in rate of interest for a particular time period. Low documentation loans are designed to help borrowers who fail to meet the lending criteria including those with impaired credit history.