Aussie Airconditioning  offers Mitsubishi air conditioner that come with an inverter technology which controls the compressor rotation speed and provides high-speed cooling and heating effects. Mitsubishi air conditioners are available in pure white flat panel with smooth finish and helps to reduce noise and air flow. The filters are provided with catechin which act as an antiviral and antioxidant agent. The air cleaner filter prevents the dust and contaminants keeping the air fresh.

Panasonic air conditioners, available from Aussie Airconditioning, are provided with super alleru-buster filter which offers anti allergic, anti viral and anti bacterial protection keeping the room air clean and healthy. Supernoic waves are generated from supersonic air purifying system. Panosonic air conditioning systems are controlled using compact remote control system and 24 hour on or off real time timer.

Aussie Airconditioning's provides TCL air conditioners that have a reverse cycle split system with cooling and heating effects. TCL system are provided with anti fungal triple filteration system withactive carbon and catechin particles preventing airborne allergens. There is an anti-corrosion hydrophilic aluminum finwith 3 bend evaporator coil. TCL air conditioners consists of rotary cmpressor, 24 hour on and off timer.