Aussie Airconditioning  is a Brisbane-based company that o provides airconditioned products and related services. Aussie Airconditioning delivers ideal solutions to the customers and has trained installation teams consiting of buliders, technicians and contracrors.

Aussie Airconditioning offers an extensive range of products and some of the major brands supplied include split systems, ducted, ceiling mounted, wall mounted, semi commercial and mini duct air conditioning units.

The air conditioning products offered from Aussie Airconditioning include daikin, electrolux kelvinator, LG, delonghi, mitsubishi, fujitsu, TCL and panasonic.

Aussie Airconditioning services include installation of split system air conditioning and ducted air conditioning, maintainance of air conditioners, insulation, electrical and data, security, domestic filteration replacement and cleaning.

Split system air conditioning installation including back-2- back split system installation, includes smooth line independent hard wire to metre box. This also includes a 20 ampere circuit breaker and outdoor manual isolation switch. Aussie Airconditionings’ ducted service offer wide range of units for family home in ducted sector.

Maintainance services from Aussie Airconditioning are offered in three forms such as silver, bronze and gold which include cleaning of filters, external and internal unit, refrigerant, temperature and functioning check of the air conditioners at regular basis.

Aussie Airconditioning insulation includes fibreglass batts, flo-safe insulation, reflective batts, polyester and foil insulation. Reflective batts are considered as an effective methods of insulating home from outter elements. Fibreglass batts are made from melted glass into a mat of fine strands used in form of blankets.