Auspine  offers NewCreo range of timber products which include stock yards, equine fencing, feature fences and gates. NewCreo timbers have long life and painting is not required for these timbers unless preffered by the customers.

NewCreo timbers are easy to handle and is good for livestocks and are available in range of rail and posts sizes according to the configuration of the fence opted. All the NewCreo products are impregnated with creosote and are dry to touch.

NewCreo entrance gate from Auspine has an opening pair of raised wings and pointed side posts. Auspine gates are big, stylish and impressive. Single gates are also available which are hand made and all timbers are produced from renewable sources.

NewCreo timber from Auspine are used in making stock ramps and rural fencings. NewCreo stockyards are resistant to pest, does not absorb moisture. NewCreo stockyards are safer for environment where livestocks are placed and minimises the risk of injury. NewCreo also offers stock loading ramps in form of kits.

Equine fencing from Auspine are easy to handle, dry to touch, pest resistant and easy for horses to see from the inside of their enclosures.