Auslift Crane & Access Hire  is a privately-owned company thta provides a range of lifting and moving services. The Auslift Crane & Access Hire, with thirty years of industrial experience, offers a range of equipment which covers crane services, boom and scissor lifts, mobile cranes, frannas for lifting and moving the equipment. Auslift Crane & Access Hire offers range of access equipment for hire which include scissor lifts, boom lifts, cherry pickers and vertical lifts.

The articulated knuckle boom and telescopic straight boom lifts and vertical lifts are used for indoor purposes. Auslift Crane & Access Hire also offers electric booms and diesel booms along with rough terrain and non marking tyres.

The crane services offered from Auslift Crane & Access Hire cater to a wide range of industries that include maintenance, mining, production and construction. Auslift Crane & Access Hire supplies mobile crane for lifting items up to 300 tonnes.

Articulated boom lifts (knuckle boom lift) from Auslift Crane & Access Hire are used where elevated work is carried out and this articulated boom lifts reaches at the required height. Knuckle boom lifts are available in different sizes which include 34 feet, 45 feet, 56 feet, 80 feet and 100 feet booms.

The Telescope boom lifts (straight boom lift) by Auslift Crane & Access Hire are used in areas that are not accessed from closer point. They have long, horizontal and vertical reach of booms which takes them to harder places like top floor of the buildings. Straight boom lifts are available in 46 feet, 80 feet, 100feet, 125 and 135 feet booms.

Electric scissor lifts from Auslift Crane & Access Hire are used while working up alongside buildings since these machines are compact. Electric scissor lifts are available in slimline model that fits through standard doorways which is up to 40 feet scissor gives a bigger working area.