Auskay International  provides a comprehensive range of vacuum floor accessories. These vacuum floor accessories include carpet brush, mini turbo brush, turbo brush, crevis tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, winged dust brush, hose cover, hard floor brush, handle, hose cuff, hose and hose hanger. These vacuum floor accessories have been specifically designed for all kinds of floors. Floor vacuum accessories from Auskay International are suitable for all types of applications. Hard floor brush has been specifically designed for polished timber floors. Hose cover from Auskay International has been padded as well as zippered for maximum paint protection and functions by preventing the plastic hose from having direct contact with the wall.

Combination floor brush from Auskay International comprises a lever that makes it suitable to be used on hard floor as well as carpet surfaces. Turbo brushes have been specifically designed for extra cleaning power applications. These brushes can be used on carpets. Automatic dustpans from Auskay International can be used on the floors that have already been swept. This functions by simple push operation.

Vacuum floor accessories from Auskay International are available at cost effective rates. These accessories provide durable as well as efficient operation.