The Ausdrain EnviroModule2 detention tank is a modular system comprised of high strength Ausdrain EnviroModules that are surrounded in a durable and flexible water proof liner.

The EnviroModules create a rigid void structure in the ground suitable for installation in landscaped areas and trafficable areas such as carparks and driveways. Measuring 600mmx 400mm x 450mm, the modules have a 95% void and are manufactured from quality recycled polypropylene plastic.

The rainwater harvesting tank system offers designers unlimited flexibility and is both cost-effective and practical to install. Each detention tank can be configured to achieve the required cubic capacity and designed to suit site requirements and constraints.

Key features of the on-site detention tanks:
  • High compressive strength 
  • Easy to install on any project
  • Made from 100% durable and environmentally friendly recycled plastics
  • Low maintenance
  • Pre-filtering of stormwater ensures that cleaning is not required
The Modules are supplied in flat-pack form minimising transport costs.

Compared to a concrete tank, there are no footings, slabs, blockwork or reinforcement required. A tank for a residential project can often be installed in a day so that there is minimal disruption to the building schedule.