Ausco Modular has been selected to build a modular accommodation village for an iron ore producer based in Central Pilbara, Western Australia.

The $24 million modular accommodation village will be constructed using Ausco Modular's trademark baseframe and building specifications and will comprise 180 floors, feature 540 rooms and include all facilities, including modern ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, and spacious living areas.

Despite an increasing trend for mining companies to source their modular infrastructure from overseas suppliers, Ausco Modular won the contract to supply this modular accommodation village due to several factors, such as speed of construction, quality, price, transport reliability, and the ability for the client to inpect the works during construction.

Ausco Modular's Western Australian Business Development Manager, James Rowdon, is proud of the the company's capabilities to mass produce top quality modular infrastructure within an extremely tight time frame.

"We have several manufacturing locations in Western Australia that allow us to meet high demand and we have 50 years experience in the modular industry which gives us the technical expertise to produce high quality infrastructure at a competitive cost," he says.

"When you combine the quality, price and Australian compliance knowledge and adherence, as well as our expertise in transportation, installation and logistical know how in the remote areas of Australia, it makes more sense to source locally," adds Rowdon.

Ausco Modular also boasts exceptional customer service, which is another reason why local companies are choosing to source their modular infrastructure from the Australian-based company over international imports.

"We have office locations in Perth, Karratha and in Kalgoorlie, which means our team of experts are on the ground to get to know our clients, understand their business and their expectations, and to ensure nothing goes wrong," concludes Rowdon.