David Ingham, the Principal of Mt Eliza Primary School said, “Mount Eliza North Primary School required a classroom of 9 by 12 metres for a Science Centre. A number of companies were contacted as the site was difficult in that it sloped and was located behind another classroom.

A number of companies were prepared to provide estimates, but only one, Ausco Modular , was prepared to come and visit the site which was carried out promptly - as a consequence the quotation we sought was more accurate and allowed us to estimate the costs of our project without fear of over expenditure and the cost was also very competitive.

Before accepting the quotation I asked to visit the Ausco Modular site in Dandenong to look at the construction and to gain an idea of the size and layout we would need. This was achieved without fuss and we were conducted around the site.

The information provided by the Ausco Modular staff was appropriate, to the point and in language I could understand. We left the site with a clear idea of the product we would get and what we needed to order.

Ausco Modular staff visited the site prior to the delivery of the building and discussed in detail issues that might affect us, such as the size of vehicles required and whether or not our asphalt would hold under the weight. This was important, as we were able to make decision based on accurate information.

The building was due to be delivered two days before the end of term, but Ausco Modular suggested we hold the delivery until the holidays to ensure the safety of the children. The building was then delivered and completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Ausco Modular staff was, at all times, informative, patient and helpful. The enthusiasm they demonstrated for our project was very special for us. We felt that our project was important to them and that they would do everything that was required to make it a success”.