Ausco Modular provide modular and transportable buildings to hire or buy for customers throughout Australia, supplying buildings for residential, commercial, or educational purposes.

Among the modular buildings provided by Ausco Modular are Modulink multi level offices. Modulink is a modular concept that allows buildings to be linked together in three dimensions, thus creating an integrated facility of up to five levels.

For difficult and awkwardly shaped sites, Modulink multi level offices can be made up of standard modules linked together to form unconventional solutions. This means, rather than forming lineal rectangular buildings, the modules can be configured to form L or U shaped multi level offices.

Internally, these modular multi level offices are designed to work as clear-span spaces, with no internal structural walls or obtrusive posts within and between the modules.

Each Modulink modular multi level office is constructed to a commercial office standard, incorporating quality fittings and a professionally designed colour scheme as standard. In addition, Ausco Modular offer a high level customised fit-out service, which includes elements such as catering areas, conference rooms, outdoor decks and reception areas.

Ausco Modular offer a full service from design to handover and staff will consult with customers about particular office requirements to eensure a customised multi level facility is built to suit.