Kwikspace temporary corporate offices by Ausco Modular offer time-saving installation and unrivalled convenience for temporary office solutions. Functional off-site construction ensures reduced interruptions to a business’ primary activities, whilst avoiding the potential constraints of adverse weather conditions.

In doing so Kwikspace temporary corporate offices greatly reduce any of the normal stress caused by conventional building projects, as business resources are not needlessly diverted away from the business’ primary function. This is achieved by the appointment of an Ausco Kwikspace consultant to oversee the installation process resulting in increased productivity and avoiding common blow-out costs usually associated with construction.

With over 40 years of building experience in Australia Ausco Modular’s extensive industry knowledge ensures that it is a proven manufacturer that can be trusted to deliver quality products. Designed by an extensive team of industry professionals, Kwikspace temporary corporate offices also never neglect the importance of style.

Additional features include:

  • Optional parallel construction of buildings rather than normal sequential manner
  • Installation and delivery included
  • Price is fixed at initial quoted amount- any additional costs are covered by Ausco Modular
  • Fully flexible finance offers