Ausco Modular was involved in an effort to provide relief to 108 farming families in Ilfracombe, Queensland. Initiated by Drought Angels, the relief programme was supported by local Chinchilla businesses Ausco Modular and Erb Bros Transport in addition to a number of donors from across Australia.

As part of the effort, Drought Angels sent a semi-trailer full of supplies from Chinchilla to the town of Ilfracombe near Longreach. Drought Angels spokesperson Natasha Johnston said the organisation’s convoy, supplied for free by Erb Bros Transport, was loaded up at Ausco Modular’s Stayover on Zeller Street with much-needed food, water and other donations for the Ilfracombe community.

According to Ms Johnston, while many parts of Queensland received rainfall, Ilfracombe was left dry leading to drought-like conditions with locals losing hope over their livelihood. Though Queensland farmers were the lifeblood of the state, many of them were struggling to even put food on the table and deserved the support of the community.

Ausco Modular Stayover Village Manager Lee Booker said the company placed a huge focus on supporting regional communities and was proud to work with local volunteer organisations such as the Drought Angels.

Mr Booker added that many of Ausco Modular staff had family and friends in the far west and other drought affected regions, and they recognised the importance of this support.

Drought Angels is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2014 to assist Queensland farmers in need.

Image: Lee Booker prepares the supplies ready for transportation