Ausco Modular  is a well-known company in the housing and accommodation market, providing a range of quality staff accommodation for the mining and resources sector and eco-homes and park cabins to the tourism industry.

Ausco Modular has unveiled the factory-built, double-storey home. Land developers could be passing on the keys of a new double-storey home to buyers within just weeks of ordering.   

With the expertise, Ausco Modular has built this range of homes to meet the demands of commercial land developers for residential projects.

The architect-designed home is part of Ausco Modular’s range of two, three and four bedroom homes, which is expected to set a trend in the housing options for residential land developers across Australia.

Ausco Modular’s Managing Director Paul Bailey said that the double-storey home fills the gap in the off-site construction housing market.

Mr Bailey predicted that these homes would be ideal for land developers, wanting to provide access to the property market for first-home owners and young families confronted by the housing affordability crisis.

These homes are also designed for traditional clients in the mining and resources sector and for government departments needing fast, affordable and high quality housing for employees and their families in remote areas.

The double-storey home includes energy-conservation features of a conventional home, and like all Ausco Modular products it is built to comply with cyclonic building codes, and tested in the company’s nationally NATA accredited test laboratory.

The Ausco Modular range features custom-designed interiors and fittings in the kitchen, bathroom and en suite, while the factory construction process results in higher and more consistent build quality than on-site construction.

As these homes are designed and built to be moved, they are made stronger and durable. Building these homes in a factory and transporting them to the site has reduces waste and environmental impacts. Delay due to bad weather is also avoided.