Ausco Modular supplied a temporary office to the Port of Melbourne Corporation to accommodate their staff during the renovation of their shipping management centre. The strategic manager for the Port of Melbourne, the Port of Melbourne Corporation is the largest container and general cargo port in the nation.

Port of Melbourne Corporation contracted Ausco Modular to provide the temporary office, with the brief requiring a commercial building that was aesthetically pleasing and represented their corporate values. The workspace needed to be comfortable for their staff, given that the office operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ausco Modular supplied a temporary office that was designed to defy stereotypes with high quality internal finishes and an attractive exterior, which featured coloured mesa cladding for a streamlined look. The infrastructure surrounding the building, such as the ramp hand rails were painted to complement the colours used in the building.

The temporary office interior featured large workspaces with customised desks made to the client’s highly specific requirements as well as a kitchen area. With its stylish and comfortable design, the office exceeded the client’s expectations of what could be achieved with a modular building.

Port of Melbourne Corporation commended Ausco Modular for the flexibility of the product offering, the professionalism and quality of all staff involved in the project, and the high standard of the completed work. The client was particularly pleased with Ausco Modular’s ability to manage the entire process from building permits and manufacture to installation of the building and additional infrastructure.