The quality and environmental sustainability of remote living is an important challenge faced by the mining industry today. Ausco Modular offer modular buildings to the mining sector by meeting the need to accommodate fly in, fly out workers or project administration offices.

Ausco Modular are providers of accommodation solutions to the mining and resources sector in Australia. By listening to the changing demands of their customers, Ausco Modular have continued to improve the quality of their accommodation, and the villages’ impact on the environment.

In a recent contract with St Barbara’s, Ausco Modular worked with an architect’s design to build a camp with uncompromising features creating mining accommodation of the maximum quality and specification.

The rooms were designed for the maximum comfort of residents, a mix of large ensuited rooms and self contained living quarters. Each Ausco building at St Barbara’s has been constructed with passively cooled roof spacing allowing cross flow ventilation from one side of the building to the other.

Ausco Modular’s knowledge of sustainable design provided customised energy performance better than the current BCA standard requires, creating a reduction in operating costs and long term environmental impact. This was achieved by the combination of design elements across the village.

All modular buildings are well insulated against thermal extremes. Each room uses solar hot water and water recycling technology for grey water re-use. Water saving fittings and heat pumps were also fitted to improve power efficiency.

Each building has been constructed in Ausco Modular’s factory onto a 7 tonne concrete base providing further insulation and the look and feel of a permanent building.

The St Barbara’s camp is the model for innovation in mining accommodation today. Built with advanced engineering and design, this camp is the complete sustainability solution.