Ausco Modular recently built a double-storey modular house in Baynton West, WA for use as a display home.

One of the first companies to start building double-storey modular houses, Ausco Modular built the only double-storey display home in Baynton West with the building incorporating all the innovative aesthetics and intricate design features usually found in traditional brick-and-mortar homes.

Designed by architects and modified by expert modular structural and manufacturing engineers, Ausco Modular’s buildings deliver everything one would expect from a traditional home, but with the speed and design flexibility promised by modular technology.

For instance, Ausco Modular can manufacture a complete double-storey house in about four weeks, making them ideal for mining companies with accommodation shortages or operations in remote locations with limited access to building capabilities.

Ausco Modular’s unique double-storey houses not only provide customers more living space and a superior outdoor lifestyle, but also allow them to move into the home in a much quicker timeframe.

A major advantage of working with Ausco Modular is that the company manages all the planning and development approvals, making it an ideal solution for regional developers or businesses requiring staff housing quickly. 

Using traditional building materials sourced from Australian suppliers, Ausco Modular manages the entire process from design and manufacture, to transportation, installation, utility connection, landscaping, and council submissions and approvals, ensuring the modular home has the look and feel of a traditional, permanent structure.

Ausco Modular’s double-storey homes are built to last and can be designed optionally to Region D cyclone requirements. Ausco Modular offers the choice of double and single storey homes up to five bedrooms as well as double-storey apartment complexes, duplexes and standalone townhouses.

Image: The home design incorporates innovative aesthetics and intricate design