Auscam  employs state-of the-art reporting technology to generate reports about pipeline problems. Colour photographs taken by the camera will give a clear picture of the pipeline status. The company offers clients a document storage in the form of a DVD, in which all information are put into.

Auscam can detect hidden leaks, cable and pipe line location for water, gas, chemical, fuel, sewer, stormwater, electrical and cable systems. The company specializes in CCTV drain camera inspections and water loss analysis with correlation equipment. Auscam has evolved an array of tools to solve every kind of leak problem in residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Auscam uses the latest equipment and systems to detect leaks under concrete slabs and bitumen roads; concealed in walls; in drain, waste and sewer systems; hydronic heating systems, and irrigation and sprinkler systems. The company can also trace water, sewer, electrical, cable and telephone, and other communication lines. Auscam can employ CCTV drain camera inspections on sewer, drain or any other pipe or conduit. With the help of sondes and traces, Auscam can locate any PVC or other plasticised line or conduit.