Auscam  offers leak detection, and cable and pipe location services using advanced equipment. With the help of close circuit television, the company undertakes drain camera inspection for sewer lines and drains. Auscam can put a camera into use in any sewer line or drain and can pinpoint the position of the problem.

Using the camera, Auscam will find out obstructions such as clay, gravel, and tree roots inside the line or drain. The camera will even locate areas of restriction inside the line or drain caused by a pressure against it. The CCTV uses a VHS recorder to playback images inside the line or drain. The Auscam staff will go through the recorded movie to provide the best solution for repair of the sewer line or drainage.

Auscam’s main line and colour pipeline inspection systems provide a full close circuit television survey configuration, which includes camera, tractors, cable drums, and control systems with full video for pipe and sewer condition classification. The unique features of the CCTV drain camera inspections of Auscam enable it to undertake inspections anywhere. The company can perform CCTV inspections in pipe sizes ranging from 25mm onwards. The built-in sound locaters in the main line camera systems help to detect and determine pipe direction within walls, ceilings and underground.