A neat, flush-fitting and lockable exterior shower is being introduced to Australia for owners and operators of recreational, work and emergency vehicles, as well as homes, motor homes, mobile accommodation, trucks, boats and caravans.

The Australasian designed Mercury boxed exterior shower from Aus J Imports is purpose-designed for mounting in such vehicles as well as interior applications requiring compact dimensions, including bedside and healthcare applications.

The Mercury boxed exterior shower brings indoor luxury and practicality to the outdoors for people who want a hand-held or mounted shower for personal use, or showering children and pets, washing fish, cleaning food, grills, tools and work, and camping gear.

Featuring a convenient hot/cold mixer tap and easily accessible off/on button or trigger on its handle, the new boxed shower can be connected to existing water supply or to Aus J Imports’ complementary 5 and 10L Duoetto and Optima 12V/240V water heaters.

The boxed shower comes complete with a durable 147cm vinyl hose. It is contained behind a paintable hatch, which is fade and impact resistant and features an integrated hinge and key lock for security.

The recessed shower box is made from tough, paintable ABS plastic, and requires a 280X152.5mm exterior portal for installation. This can be created by using a hole saw. The shower box can be mounted either horizontally or vertically for easy integration into different vehicles using concealed mounting screws.

The low-profile shower box’s faucet shank extends 34mm beyond the back of the 80mm deep formed box, further extending its suitability for mounting in vehicles, mobile homes, emergency vehicles and home, bedside and healthcare applications.