Aus Iron Industries  manufactures permanent steel formwork systems for concrete stairways. The company produces its product in the name of Stairmetal Formwork. Aus Iron Industries employs trained and experienced employees to manufacture high quality products.

Aus Iron Industries claims to provide cost effective stair formworks with a high quality finish. To ensure quality of the product, the company owns a drafting team with expertise on all technical information. Aus Iron Industries also manufactures handrail systems that complement its permanent steel formwork systems. The company defines Stairmetal Formwork as a prefabricated permanent steel form for concrete staircases, complete with bottom reinforcement.

The Stairmetal Formwork from Aus Iron Industries ensures a dimensionally accurate and consistent stair flight. The company assures to provide stair flights without damage, as the steel sections protect the vulnerable concrete edge. The riser profile is bull nosed at the top and forms a cove at its base. The steel stringer acting as a skirting provides a clean line.