HYUNDAI Alcomax ACP FR (Fire Retardant Aluminium Composite Panels) available from Aus Clad Panel Co . is becoming well established in the high-grade architecture which demands safe, non-toxic and green materials.

These  non-combustible panels generate non poisonous (Halogen) gases and do not emit carcinogenic substances such as halogen, antimony, etc. They also show flame retardant properties and can be easily processed through a single extruder. They are ideal for projects like towers, hospitals and airports.

The following are other specifications of the HYUNDAI Alcomax ACP FR (Fire Retardant Aluminium Composite Panels)

  • BS (British Standard) for fire safety
  • NATA (National Association of Test Authorities Australia) for fire and smoke safty
  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) for PVDF coating finish
  • AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) for PVDF coating finish
  • KS (Korean Standard) for general testing
  • Dimensions: Panel thickness: 4mm(standard), 3~8mm available upon customer's request; Aluminium thickness: 0.3 ~ 1.0mm; Panel width: 1250mm (recommended), 1020mm, 1575mm; Panel length: No limit (4000mm is recommended for convenient delivery and handling.
  • Coating: Kynar 500 PVDF and fluoropolymer  in both metallic and non-metallic to polyesters and acrylics
  • Core layer: Non-combustible , FR-642
  • Rear side: Aluminium coated with chromate or polyester
  • Weight: For 4mm ACP FR with 0.5mm thickness both side is 7.6 kg/m2