Aura Asia Pacific  offers a system for operating after-hours air conditioning and lighting for both tenants and property professionals. The system is operable with an advanced scheduling and administration through a protected password and secure internet site. Tenants can use Aura Asia Pacific’s secure online interface to set a schedule.

Aura Asia Pacific provides tenants with various advantages including multiple level secure access; setting schedules up to a year in advance through a simple user interface; setting multiple schedules at the same time; viewing previously set schedules at a glance; and editing and deleting of schedules.

All the tenant has to do is just to connect to the Aura Asia Pacific portal, log on with his user-name and password and set a schedule. Tenants can avail immediate, future and repeat activation without the need for keys or swipe cards. An administrator will help tenants to override or delete any schedule programmed within their tenancy.