Aumau Designs  creates works of art that that enrich peoples’ environment and life and takes pride in sharing its art gallery with viewers. The creative instinct expressed in the artistic works of Kathryn Aumau stems from her love for things and moments that came across her life. Paintings of Kathryn project a visual contrast, varying from rich vibrant colours to more subtle neutral tones.

The floral paintings of Aumau Designs are expressions of mixed colours that speak of the softness, delicateness and vulnerability of petals. Contrary to the floral paintings, Aumau Designs’ abstracts depict modern interiors with the use of shapes, colours and textures creating decorative works. Aumau Designs creates its artistic works using the current trends in colour and interior design to bring in virtual reality to the artistic pieces.

Aumau Design’s works of art reflect Kathryn’s love of nature, diverse cultures and architecture. Aumau Designs also caters to individualized stationery requirements for weddings and special occasions, bomboniere and corporate events.