Aulour Trading  offers various house products, which include dining, drink ware, cutlery and porcelain ware. The company provides customers with Tomkin's superb range of hotel quality dining settings. Aulour also supplies serving dishes, tea sets, vases, glass and crystal carafes, decanters, jugs and ice buckets.

Aulour Trading comes with various cutleries ranging from traditional moulded patterns to the modern types. Dining ware from Aulour Trading reflect the latest styles with plates and bowls of different designs. The company also offers serving items that will make the kitchen whole. The company intends to constantly add to its product folio.

Aulour Trading can provide a host of polycarbonate hostess ware, which look like glass, but are shatter proof. The company has a collection of glasses such as water glasses, wine glasses, Champaign glasses, beer glasses, mug, stein, cocktail glasses, etc. Customers are offered a range of jugs, decanters and ice buckets to choose from. Some of the products are known by their names like Tablecraft, Click-Clack and TK cutlery. Products of Aulour Trading suit well homes, shops and businesses.