Aulour Trading  offers funky fashion products like summer hats, bags, beach towels and towels in bags. The company plans to introduce its winter range soon. Aulour Trading claims to offer its summer hats of different designs and colours at relatively lower prices. The summer range of handbags from Aulour Trading is made of canvas, paper crochet and straw. The company even makes towelling for the beach using the materials.

Aulour Trading’s queen or double bed blankets come in generous size of 230x240 cm, while some are 230x230 cm. The large single blanket from Aulour Trading comes in the size of 170x230 cm, while the maximum size goes to even 180x240 cm. Aulour Trading supplies HAN glass buffet collection, which includes crescent shape platters, oval bowls with raised ends and oval dishes. Aulour Trading says that its blankets are beneficial for allergy sufferers, as they are non-allergenic. While blankets come in a number of colours, new ones are also added to the product line. Aulour Trading also offers Italian thermo shoes including Eva sandals and Work ultra lights.