Audio Visual Hire and sales – Wwave  is a leading retailer and service provider for audio visual equipment and high quality lighting solutions. The company undertakes projects for lighting special events like marriages, parties, discotheques, exhibitions, staged events and general meetings and conferences.

Various types of lighting schemes can be assembled from Audio Visual Hire and sales – Wwave’s range of lighting products according to the nature of the event and the specific needs of the customer. Mirror balls, oil projectors, bubble machines, laser lightings, smoke and fog machines and strobes are also available for special events.

Para flood lights in white and colour and floodlights in addition to festoon lights and lantern lights. Audio Visual Hire and sales – Wwave also has fluorescent and fluorescent emergency lights and exit emergency light signs.

City Colour is the lighting solution for events demanding light colour change for large spaces like halls and convention centres. Disco lights in various configurations like Kaleidos, Orbiters, Tomahawks, Tangos, Boogies and Infernos are available. Theatrical lighting solutions include spot lights, stage lights, profile lights, techno beams, and fresnels which can be assembled for flexible usage and a modest budget.

Audio Visual Hire and sales – Wwave has consultants who can advise event organisers on the configuration and cost of different lighting schemes for special occasions like wedding, parties, exhibitions and conferences.