Attic Ladders , which introduced the innovative foldaway attic ladder to Australia in 1975, markets a wide range of timber foldaway attic ladders.

Some of these are the light-duty Attic Studio Truss, the Stair Ladder Deluxe, the Attic Master and the Upgrade. All four of these timber ladders feature 3-section folds which enable them to compactly foldaway into the attic when not in use. The Upgrade design is also available in aluminium.

The company also markets a heavy-duty commercial ladder known as the Columbus. The Columbus is made of cast-alloy and has a concertina folding action. It is suitable for flat roofs and has vertical applications.

Since setting up in 1975, the company has branched out into other areas which complement the installation of attic ladders. The sister companies are Roof Space Converters and Roof Space Solutions.