Who do you go to when you require an attic ladder? The aptly-named Attic Ladders .

Roof Space Converters, another member of the Attic Group of Australia, is also an aptly-named company which fully meets the needs of home owners wanting to convert their roof cavity into a home extension.

If home owners have the necessary space above their ceiling and between the roof, Attic Ladders and Roof Space Converters can fulfil your every need.

Roof Space Converters specialises in converting your existing roof space into new living or storage areas – perhaps just a dust-proof storage room or go even further and turn the space into a bedroom, playroom or office.

Roof Space Converters’ provides cost-effective space solutions and a high standard of customer service.

Attic Ladders has a wide range of ladders to suit many needs from the occasional use Attic Studio through to heavy traffic modules such as the Stairladder and the cast alloy Columbus range of commercial ladders.