Attic Group has entered into a partnership with a leading award-winning interior designer in Australia.

Shaynna Blaze is an interior designer, a presenter on Selling Houses Australia as well as a judge on The Block. As an award-winning interior designer, Shaynna has created stunning interiors in residential homes and commercial spaces for over twenty years, and is also a successful commissioned artist.

Shaynna’s successful interior design business ‘blankcanvas INTERIORS’ works on commercial, private and retail premises across all budgets and specifications. Attic Group decided to approach Shaynna for her specialist skills in good functional storage.

Simon Carey, General Manager from the Attic Group explains that Shaynna’s design expertise and her love of storage will work wonders in conveying to homeowners the concept of converting roof spaces into storage areas or extra rooms and the benefits they can enjoy.

Shaynna describes the partnership as a great alignment, stating that the Attic Group has, for decades been able to assist homeowners create more space in their existing homes by transforming their roof spaces to attic storage areas or attic rooms. Shaynna is aware of Attic Group’s extensive range of products and services including skylights and garage storage solutions.

Shaynna looks forward to working with the Attic Group to communicate to homeowners the need to reduce clutter, create a comfortable home and not needing to relocate, while increasing the value of their property with the extra attic storage space or new room.

Currently creating her own studio/showroom in Hawthorn, Victoria, Shaynna is working closely with the Attic Group to incorporate some of their attic products in her design space.