With storage space at a premium in inner city suburbs, families are looking up rather than off-site for significant cost-savings and convenience.
A recent survey of 15 storage facilities within the Sydney region revealed that with the average charge for a space the size of a walk in wardrobe over a 5 year period would be considerable.
Furthermore, items will need to be transported to and from the storage facility which is often a fair distance from the home, proving to be an inconvenience.

Attic storage specialist, Attic Group, has discovered that more and more people are looking to their unused attics for the answers to storage issues.

Many attics can be easily converted by the installation of attic ladders. This solution offers a convenient storage option, and can help to add value to a home.

Attic Group has helped almost 50,000 families unlock their attic space for storage and to de-clutter their homes.

John Stewart, Founder and CEO of Attic Group explained, “Most people are surprised when I tell them that up to 30% of the space in your home can be in the attic and are just as surprised when I explain how reclaiming this space is easier and more affordable than they think. A basic storage solution takes just half a day and a clean storage conversion and ladder installation can be completed in as little as 3 to 4 days. This allows you to easily store your occasional use items, access them quickly, easily and safety whenever you need to and as they remain in the home they remain covered by existing home and contents insurances.” 

Attic Ladders is a division of Attic Group.