There’s no business like show business and for that reason, the Attic Group of Australia companies – Attic Ladders  and Roof Space Converters, are always shows at numerous home shows around the country.

Both aptly named companies have been regulars at such soirees since managing director, John Stewart, introduced the innovative foldaway attic ladders to Australia in 1975.

With the success of Attic Ladders, Stewart then ventured into making the roof cavities into something useful – from a simple storage area to a dust-proof room and when possible, a total roof conversion.

Hence the birth of Roof Space Converters which can magically turn a huge, previously wasted space into anything from a playroom into another total living area including bedrooms(s), bathroom and living room.

Ever since 1975, the Attic Group of companies have been market leaders in their respective fields, providing quality products, sales and service to a long list of satisfied customers.

Originally based in Sydney, Attic Ladders now also boasts head offices and showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide and distributors across all states.

Two of Stewart’s children, Rebecca and Robert, are firmly entrenched in the family business, Rebecca managing the Brisbane office and Robert holding the reins in Melbourne.

Both siblings recently organised highly successful appearances at local home shows which always generate good business for the Attic Group.

Which should also apply in South Australia when nearly 40% of the state’s population attend the 2007 Royal Adelaide Show at which Attic Ladders and Roof Space Converters will play starring roles in the Jubilee Pavilion.

Attic Ladders are among 300 exhibitors who will be showing off their wares and services daily from 9am-9pm at the show which runs from Friday, September 7, to Sunday, September 16.

The Attic Ladders and Roof Space Converters exhibit is situated at stall JP309.