The Attic Group, experts in everything associated with the space in roof cavity, incorporating Attic Ladders and roof space converters.

Attic Group offers obligation-free appraisal service for householders wanting to know if their roof space can be utilised.

One of the Attic Group’s estimators and they are all over the country will come to customer’s house and get into that manhole to carry out a complete inspection of the cavity.

The estimator will also check for electrical wires, gas and water pipes and the end of his inspection he will let the customers know exactly what they can build up there.

The Attic Group, incorporating Attic Ladders and roof space converters, offers a complete range of products and services for people wanting to home renovate or extend their home at a budget price.

The Attic Group offers clients all around the country:

  • Obligation-free appraisals
  • Supply and installation of foldaway attic ladders
  • Dust proofing
  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Supply and installation of roof windows and skylights
  • Fully-trained installers, licensed carpenters and builders
  • Expert DIY assistance

Accessing the Attic Group’s products and services is simple because the company has offices and showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and distributors and dealers all over the country.