ATT – Advanced Technology Transfer  has been a pioneer in the development of safety equipment, monitors and energy saving laboratory products. The integrated systems and computer based controlling equipment designed and produced by ATT – Advanced Technology Transfer comply with the highest safety standards and are at the same time energy conserving too.

The ATT EXCEL Series is the fume cupboard range offered by ATT – Advanced Technology Transfer. All inner and outer chambers are made from chemical resistant, fire retardant, reinforced plastic. Aerodynamic designing coupled with stainless steel sealed ball bearing pulleys allows for easy movement in both the vertical directions. The sash for the fume cupboard slides in a unique track system along with bright illumination by fluorescent lights. Water and gas services are discretely mounted and connected to the inner and outer chambers and the remote control valves are colour coded for easy operability.

The ATT SAF(V)ER/1 Display computer designed by ATT – Advanced Technology Transfer is an electronic control system that is used to control a wide variety of safety equipment. It is basically a PCB module with a real time interface and Intel based microprocessor that can be connected to gas pressure switches, vacuum solenoids, magnetic pumps, damper systems, emergency switches, motor control contactors, heat sensors and air pressure switches.