ATT – Advanced Technology Transfer  is a leading designer and manufacturer of energy saving systems and evaporation systems in addition to laboratory safety equipment and monitoring tools. The ATT Energy Saving System SAF(V)ER from ATT – Advanced Technology Transfer ensures air flow safety and has a energy saving electronic bypass damper system fitted to a fume cupboard to maintain minimum discharge velocity.

By maintaining a constant outlet velocity, the roof space installation reduces amount of conditioned air removed from the laboratory thereby bringing down the load of the air conditioner. ATT – Advanced Technology Transfer’s design of the airflow control system ensures low electronic noise and does not interrupt radio communication or lead to computer breakdowns. The concentration level of the fumes emanating from the system is also maintained at a low level.

The ATT Evaporation system ECHDNA developed by ATT – Advanced Technology Transfer is used in gas chromatography. The fumes developing in the system in which it is embedded are safely exhausted to atmosphere and hence lead to temperature control. This ensures uniform dry heat and no sample contamination. It is widely used in vacuum hydrolysis, amino acid analysis and in other small scale reactions.