Atmospheric Solutions  is an environmental consultancy service provider that offers a range of specialised air quality assessment services. The primary consultation areas include air quality improvement, greenhouse gas assessment and emission estimation and control.

In addition, Atmospheric Solutions also provides valuable information and advice on air dispersion modelling, indoor air quality control and odour impact assessment. The company is devoted to developing and executing sustainable practices related to environmental conservation. Atmospheric Solutions also offers custom made carbon emission estimation projects for business projects. These projects aid in determining the carbon offset levels required to make a business carbon neutral.

Atmospheric Solutions also offers greenhouse management plans that have been gaining importance in the past few decades. The various environment related solution plans provided by Atmospheric Solutions addresses the current issues like air and dust pollution and pollutants, poisonous gas emission and nitrogen and sulphur based effluents.

All projects undertaken by Atmospheric Solutions are submitted for regulatory approvals and follow best practice rules and guidance. All surveys and testing done by Atmospheric solutions are monitored by international standards. The company also initiates and develops emission inventory programs that provide solutions to global warming related problems and issues.