Atmospheric Solutions  is a leading Australian company specialising in offering solutions to environmental conservation projects and atmospheric pollution prevention. Air dispersion modelling and air emission monitoring are two primary areas where Atmospheric Solutions offers consultation as well projects.

Air dispersion modelling which relates to air pollution control and prevention is one area of expertise under which Atmospheric Solutions offers projects and solutions based on different models. These models are approved by pollution control authorities as well as Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) of various countries or states.

The CALPUFF 3D puff model is approved by the US EPA whereas the TAPM 3D prognostic model had been developed by Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Various other projects have also been successfully completed by Atmospheric Solutions based on the AUSPLUME Gaussian plume model approved by VIC EPA (Victoria) and CALINE package of line resource models approved by CAL EPA (California).

Atmospheric Solutions also offers services on air emissions monitoring projects like ambient air sampling, indoor air quality assessment, stack emissions testing, microbial air sampling and occupational heath surveys. In addition, it also holds technical audits and offers independent reviews on pollution level determination and control projects.