Atlas Copco Tools Australia  is a leading manufacturer of a variety of industrial tools ranging from air compressors and generators to drilling equipment and mining vehicles. The company with its innovative technology has developed many models of water well drills that are safe and reliable.

Atlas Copco Tools Australia manufactures, installs and services water well drills in a variety of selections from lightweight to heavy duty rigs. Customers can choose from carrier mounted or truck mounted drills with a range of hole depths, pullback ratings and hole diameters to satisfy their drilling needs.

Atlas Copco Tools Australia is also a supplier of Craelius and Hobic Diamond tools. These two product lines cater to different user requirements. Craelius manufactures drill bits for all types of rocks and is engineered by a group of dedicated specialists and engineers. Innovative metallurgical research with computerised drilling has given rise to the development of a wide variety of diamond bits like reaming shells, tungsten carbide bits and surface set bits. Hobic diamond tools comprises of casing shoe bits, tungsten carbide bits and impregnated bits.

Atlas Copco Tools Australia is also a leading manufacturer of ancillary equipment like turbo expanders and oil free compressors.