Atlas Copco Tools Australia  is a leading manufacturer and supplier of air hoists and trolleys that find application in a wide range of industries from mining to quality air solutions. The air hoists of Atlas Copco Tools Australia can withstand the roughest treatments and extreme usage conditions.

These air hoists are developed from lightweight designing and are compact and easy to install. Even during intensive operation, they do not overheat. Another feature is the excellent inching which gives precise load control. They are also available in lubricant free versions to facilitate cleaner working conditions.

Atlas Copco Tools Australia also supplies trolleys that complement the air hoists. They come in two models namely manual and motor driven units. The hoist trolleys for one and three tonne loads are available in two versions (marrow and wide for different beam widths). They are easily adjustable to the actual beam with the help of threaded suspension bolts. They are also fixed with mechanical stops to prevent wheel axle breakage.

Atlas Copco Tools Australia designs tappers and thread cleaning tools. The ergonomic design of the tools gives maximum flexibility of usage and performance. They are lubrication free and any old machine can be fitted with these tapper systems. The embedded air motor with interchangeable parts is economical and efficient.